Timber Wolf Point
Echo Lake
We don't have to get back to nature,
we never left.

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A View from the Lake.   
Enjoy our 150 foot sand beach and swim area. 

The Point has a fire ring and picnic area, with plenty of fire wood.  The cabins are nestled in the trees, all have a great view of the lake.


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Larry and Kathi Oberg, along with their children Honey, Eric, Sarah and Holly have been running the resort for the last 15 years.



We want Timber Wolf Point to be more than just a resort that you refer to as, "been there, done that."  We want our guests to become friends and to experience the feeling of being at Timber Wolf Point in its unique setting... 
Feel the breeze off the lake...  Smell the fragrance of its water...  Hear the waves lapping on the shoreline...
Hear the sounds of the night...  Wolves howling in the distance... See the northern lights... Stars so close you can almost reach out and touch them.
Taste fresh blueberries in season...  Smell fresh fish frying over an open fire on The Point...
Smell the fragrant pine and fresh air...
See wild game; deer, moose, bear, wolves, and eagles...  Hear the lonesome call of the loon...

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Feel the heat of the camp fire on your face as you visit with new found friends.

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Larry and Bob




If you would like to get to know us better and see more pictures of Timber Wolf Point check out Reflections or see some pictures of our Cabins.


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