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Ducks looking for open water.  April 23, 2001

This shows the ice on the road coming around the corner into 
the parking lot.  March 26, 2001

Looking from the road behind the Voyageur toward the office.
March 26, 2001

This ice is coming out of above the campground road.
The van is parked by the big pine tree above the house.
March 26, 2001

The path we take from the road to the house.  It is pretty much straight down hill.  We should put in stairs. We have tried to make steps in the snow but they get smoothed out pretty fast.  March 26, 2001

Glacier looking toward the office from the road.  February 7, 2001

Glacier from the road behind the Voyageur Cabin. February 7, 2001

Holly standing on the glacier at the swings.  February 7, 2001

Sarah took all these pictures.  For this one she is standing on the ice on the road looking toward the bunk house where we keep the canoes and equipment.  These pictures were taken on February 7, 2001.  It is worse now.

Thanksgiving Day visitors at Timber Wolf Point. This one flew into the window.  He was stunned but later few off.  My mother says they are "Red Crossbills". 
November 23, 2000.

Grey November day on Echo Lake.

How many deer do you see in this picture?

Fall colors September 2000.

Rainbow September 19, 2000.

Jeff with his Echo Lake walleye, September 17,  2000.
Beautiful 27" walleye. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2000
Sarah's northern.
It was 43" long

Sunset on Echo Lake July 2, 2000

While I was getting dressed one morning I thought I had a peeping tom looking in my window.  So I checked it out and here was this deer in the parking lot.  I ran and got the camera and took this picture through the bedroom window.  He is right in front of the Trapper Cabin.  He was a nice buck still in the velvet.

Campfire sing August 7, 2000

Great Uncle Evert, Larry, Holly and Sarah.
August 10, 2000

August 16, 2000 Gloria, Joe, Holly, and Sarah.

Kirsten and 39" northern caught in Crane Lake August 24, 2000

Thank you from a wonderful family.  August 2000


Our trip to Namakan Sunday September 10, 2000.


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