Timber Wolf Point
              Echo Lake
We don't have to get back to nature,
                                            we never left.


Timber Wolf Point is still a remote, secluded, wilderness resort.  Located on the west end of the scenic Echo Trail on the south shore of beautiful Echo Lake in rural Buyck, Minnesota.

Over 70 years ago the Oberg family created the lifestyle they had always dreamed of.  They purchased a point of land on Echo Lake, where early peoples, voyageurs, or trappers perhaps camped or had a base camp.  They cleared the land and called it Timber Wolf Point, a place of seclusion, peace and tranquil quiet, far away from the fast pace of the world around them.

We invite you to be a part of this experience and lifestyle by feeling the spirit of this wilderness. 


Saturday, April 25, 2020

Weather:     Yesterday high was about .  This morning it was 27. It is clear and theice on the  lake is changing color.  

 Update:  Technology has been really hard for me but I'm trying!   

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